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March 7, 2012
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Derpy smiles by LeavingCrow Derpy smiles by LeavingCrow
Something happened to Derpy's house...
But she can still smile, 'cause she has good friends that care for her vene when she's in trouble. Rarity's gift (the blanket) is a token of that friendship.

Done for the EQD event "Derpy smiles"

Characters are Hasbro copyrighted
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very cute drawing!
good work!
statoose Mar 23, 2012   Digital Artist
Very pretty. :)
I love this. With friends like Rarity, you'll never have to worry; even if things go wrong, they'll always have your back and be there to help you out when you're in need.

Derpy has every reason to smile, and so do I. Thanks for a beautiful image.
Sure,friends like her are the most wonderful thing someone can find, and there are no insurmountable problems when you're with them^^
I was almost certain this was based on the fic where Derpy accidently burnt her house down and they held a town meeting to see if anyone be willing to let Derpy stay with them till she got a place of her own again. Rarity being the generous one took her in when no one else would speak up and well Rarity would be Rarity and she said some things I guess Derpy over heard and ran away to her old house, which was condemned and had the tape around warning to stay out, inside she was in her room and Rarity found Derpy with the one thing that survived the burning.

I forgot many details of the fic since its been AGES but the house started to break down and there was seemingly no escape. I think Derpy flew them out but got hurt or Rarity managed to get them out I forget. ANYWAYS this picture brought back some found memories of reading a fic I totally forgotten even existed. Great job. It's funny because I think it was her making tea that cause the fire and she simply forgot about the stove. Or was it Muffins? bad memory but now I wanna go read it again.
I can't find the fic, would you mind linking me to it? (that is if you still know where it is)
[link] it was actually a candle burning. Thanks to that picture I was able to reunite with this fic, it was really sweet.

Hard to find with such vague memories but yes that is the one I was referring to. Enjoy!

Also for clarity I in no way imply that that is where you got the idea for your picture, I see it as a lucky coincidence <3
Uhh, nice! I'll read it too, it sure seems interesting! I've read really few fics, haven't got much time and there are just so many of them!

Anyway, what happened here was that...uh, mhh, no, i won't spoiler it if i can ^^
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